Mette Schmidt-Kallesøe, cand.ling.merc. – statsauth. Translator – English

engelsk oversættelseEducation

IMA, Translation and Interpretation, English, the Copenhagen Business School, June 1995.


I am a state-authorised translator and interpreter in English. I have been working freelance since 1995.

A state-authorised translator is your guarantee of quality!

Thus, I offer a high, professional quality as regards translation, interpretation, teaching and proofreading.

In 1996, I worked in one of the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Energy’s departments. Among other things I translated texts about forestry, urban environment and urban forestry. At the same time I worked freelance for various translation agencies in Copenhagen and on Sealand.

Since January 1997, I have worked full-time as independent freelance translator and interpreter.

What is a Translator?

A state-authorised translator/interpreter has a Master’s degree from a Danish business school. Afterwards, when certified by the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency he/she may call himself/herself ‘state-authorised translator and interpreter’ and use the official seal. Only state-authorised translators are permitted to translate and certify documents to be used in legal matters.